Olympic Inspired School Sculpture Project

Sometimes it takes a while to get good photos of the finished work!!!! I think these were worth the wait. Thank you Vincent Abbey (photographer of all the completed work)

Tracey Cartledge Artist


Here are the wonderful assemblages that I helped Y5 to create in their teams of 5-6:

Here’s how they look in their place of pride, above the serving hatches in the school hall:



I’m looking forward to working with Y5 next week to create some fantastic Olympic sports figures in a style that will be an homage to Tony Cragg.

Working with the dual themes of ‘the Olympic Games’ and ‘eco’, we have a project here that beautifully fulfils both. Our figures will be assembled from found objects in the Olympic colours, depicting Olympic sporting heroes. As a bonus, children will learn about British sculptor Tony Cragg, research our selected UK Olympians: Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis, Usain Bolt, Rebecca Adlington and Steve Redgrave. They will also have a rare chance to use hammers and glue guns and work on a very large scale.

Just like…

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2 thoughts on “Olympic Inspired School Sculpture Project

  1. Angela Holland

    These are absolutely brilliant, Tracey. The kids must be so proud of their achievements!

    One day, I will manage to make my commitments fit in with one of your exhibitions/courses!

    Angela Holland

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