Monthly Archives: February 2010

New Mosaic Kit Collection

You might be interested to hear that a new collection of mosaic kits is currently in development. The new collection features a set of four wall plaque designs in a new pallette of unglazed porcelain natural colours. They work beautifully as individual mosaics but you can also hang all four together for greater impact and interest, once complete.

Look out for further details coming soon…..

Courtyard Mosaics for Stockport College

The group at Stockport College have worked extremely diligently in our absence. When we returned on Thursday, there was only a small area to complete before we were able to grout the three panels. Next, they will be secured to the courtyard walls and then we will cover the fixing points with mosaic for the finishing touch. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the panels.

One of the three mosaic panels for the renovated courtyard