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Magnificent Mosaic Stepping Stones – Workshop at Hulme Community Garden Centre

We had such a lovely day at Hulme Garden Centre, making our mosaics in the straw bale classroom. The group was a friendly bunch – 5 in total – and everybody made a mosaic stepping stone. The quickest workers also made mosaic wall plaques and the others had time to make an extra stepping stone – smaller and more abstract – whilst these were getting completed.

lots of hard work and concentration……..

using tile nippers to cut accurate shapes…..

making careful colour choices……..we had so many to choose from!

deciding on details and finishing touches……

and here’s how they’re looking after a light clean……(still setting)

Jude’s sail boat

Carey’s heart with initials

Mareen’s floral design

Russell’s dragonfly

Maureen’s abstract piece

Anita’s abstract piece with heart motif

My frog

Anita’s butterfly

Your Comments:

“Wow don’t they look great Tracey I had a great day and really pleased with the stepping stones. I thought the venue was also really good. Thanks very much, best wishes Maureen”


“Hi Tracey
The mosaics look fab!
Russell & I really enjoyed the session.
(Russell was seeing mosaics when he closed his eyes…you’ve really inspired him back into doing art himself!!)
Could we please also order 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small stepping stone moulds and 2 pairs of nippers and collect at the same time we collect our ‘works of art!’.
Many thanks,
Anita & Russell”

Our next workshop at Hulme Community Garden Centre is on Saturday 9th June when we’ll be making mosaic plant pots for the garden. Again, we’ll use frost resistant ceramic tiles and glass mosaics as well. Fancy joining us?

Here’s where to book:

Photos by Matilda Wigley, Rosalind Wigley and Tracey Cartledge

Olympic Inspired School Sculpture Project


Here are the wonderful assemblages that I helped Y5 to create in their teams of 5-6:

For green, we have Jessica Ennis

For green, we have GB star Jessica Ennis

For red, we have GB cyclist Chris Hoy

For red, we have GB cyclist Chris Hoy

In black, its our hero Steve Redgrave

In black, its our hero Steve Redgrave

Heading off in yellow is super speedy, super cool Usain Bolt

Heading off in yellow is super speedy, super cool Usain Bolt

and in blue, we have top swimmer Rebecca Adlington

and in blue, we have top swimmer Rebecca Adlington

Here’s how they look in their place of pride, above the serving hatches in the school hall:

Our Olympic Heroes, Chorlton C E Primary School

Our Olympic Heroes, Chorlton C E Primary School



I’m looking forward to working with Y5 next week to create some fantastic Olympic sports figures in a style that will be an homage to Tony Cragg.

Working with the dual themes of ‘the Olympic Games’ and ‘eco’, we have a project here that beautifully fulfils both. Our figures will be assembled from found objects in the Olympic colours, depicting Olympic sporting heroes. As a bonus, children will learn about British sculptor Tony Cragg, research our selected UK Olympians: Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis, Usain Bolt, Rebecca Adlington and Steve Redgrave. They will also have a rare chance to use hammers and glue guns and work on a very large scale.

Just like Tony Cragg, we will make our figures by assembling found objects into the silhouette shapes of our five heroes. In our project, each one will be composed of one single colour, using the five colours of the Olympic rings: red, green, blue, yellow and black.

A collection of suitably coloured recycled and found objects is being gathered by the Y5 pupils. I’m just hoping there will be enough! So if you have the opportunity this weekend to do a clear out in your shed or toy box, please send in anything that we can incorporate – we’re aiming for each of these figures to fill an 8′ x 4′ panel, so we need lots!!!!

Make a Mosaic Stepping Stone with us on May 26th!!

If you watched any of those programmes in the series ‘Love Your Garden’ with old Alan Titchmarsh or if you’re a fan of Kirties Allsopp’s ‘Homemade Home’ you might have seen beautiful mosaics creating a focal point in various gorgeous gardens. Did you fancy having a go yourself? Didn’t get round to it? Well, opportunity is here knocking on your door – come and join us at Hulme Community Garden Centre on 26th and make one under expert supervision – you’ll even get a FREE GIFT mosaic kit to take home with you as well!!!

The workshop starts at 10.00am in the Straw Bail classroom – I believe that it is the first of its type in Manchester but please correct me if you know otherwise! We’ll spend some time working out the design for your mosaic inlay and then you’ll get to work creating the mosaic on a template. Plenty of help will be given at every stage, so don’t worry if you are a complete beginner, you won’t be alone. The frost resistant cinch tiles come in a fabulous range of colours, so you will have plenty of choice for your design.

Once your mosaic design is complete, you will mix concrete and mortar and use these mixes to cast your stepping stone, complete with your mosaic inlay. Its great fun – just like making mud pies except with permanent and more beautiful results!! These stepping stones are wonderfully durable and will last for many decades in your garden. All the equipment will be there for you. People always work at different speeds with mosaic so if you like to take your time and spend the full session on this project, you can do. Nobody will rush you. If, however, you’re a speedy worker there will be a bonus opportunity to try out a few other mosaic techniques too.

Each participant attending this workshop will also receive a gift to take home. To help keep up your new skills, you’ll be given a funky little mosaic fridge magnet kit that you can complete at your leisure. They make great gifts for friends’ birthdays….

The price of the workshop is £84.00, inclusive of all materials and regular refreshments. Online booking is easy, just follow this link: BOOK WORKSHOP NOW

For more information and a booking form, please e-mail me as soon as possible at or phone me on 0161 860 0387. Places are limited!!