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Colourful Crossing for School Road Safety

Children at St. George’s Primary School in Stockport can now enjoy crossing the staff car park in style and are unlikely to miss the key message:

Safe crossing reminders designed by pupils of St. George's Primary School, Stockport

A mixed age group worked with us to generate ideas and designs to make a colourful crossing between two school buildings that are separated by the staff car park. We explored various concepts and then settled on a theme that all the group contributed artwork towards.

Some of the ideas in development

Then back at the studio, we lovingly created scaled up versions of their artwork in our thermoplastic material. We installed the finished work on Saturday and hoped that the staff and children would be delighted to see it when they arrived for school this week.

We received messages of appreciation from both the headteacher via e-mail: “The markings look really great. Thank you very much” and from the school caretaker via text “Fantastic job, thank you”. Here are a few more images:

Part of the daytime section

Norton Priory Museum Mosaic

It was a delight to work with local school children in the picturesque setting of Norton Priory’s acclaimed Walled Garden last month. There were two parts to the project: learning how to build with earth and learning how to create mosaic. The children split into teams working with Annabel from Earthed World building the cob bench and with me to create the mosaic sections. We swapped around after lunch so that each child was involved in both processes.

The bench is now finished and we have installed one half of the mosaic feature. Later this month, the other half of the mosaic will be added to complete the project.

Stone and steel sculpture installed at Anderton

Next week we will be celebrating as the latest piece of public art is due to be unveiled at Anderton Nature Park in Cheshire.

The piece is the end result of a project in which artists Karen Allerton and Tracey Cartledge have collaborated closely with countryside ranger Dave James, members of FoAM (Friends of Anderton and Marbury) and year 6 pupils from Comberbach Primary School to develop their designs.

Looking out from the Anderton Boat Lift

The commission has been jointly funded by British Waterways, Cheshire West & Chester Council, Action Weaver Valley, FoAM and INEOS Enterprises. Work began last September when the Y6 school group took part in a an observational site visit with volunteers from FoAM, well-informed on local wildlife, staff from British Waterways, Dave James and the artist team. The day’s events included a trip on the Weaver and theĀ  Anderton Boat Lift and an investigation of the nature park and its history.

modelling one of the old cargo boats in salt dough

The pupils recorded lots of useful facts and images that informed the ideas that they went on to develop during a series of workshops with the artists in school. The children explored monoprint, model-making, wire work, print block making, modelling with salt dough and other techniques to bring their images alive. Together with Tracey and Karen, they looked at different possibilities for applying their ideas into design options for the final piece.

Monoprint showing one of the old factories

The finished design consists of two carved cast stone obelisks with forged steel ‘crowning’ features that serve as an open gateway, leading visitors from the car park to the Anderton Boat Lift Museum. The work will be formally opened on Friday 21st May.