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Buy Original Mosaic Work Online!!

For the first time, I have included two of my recent works for sale on the website!! I’m interested to find out if people would prefer to purchase work in this way……

The website has attracted lots of customers looking for good quality mosaic kits and a lot of people interested in commissioning either bespoke kits or bespoke finished works. Now there’s another option. You can buy a Tracey Cartledge mosaic.

Small Tortoiseshell Mosaic by Tracey Cartledge

Small Tortoiseshell Mosaic by Tracey Cartledge

To start with, I have put up two of the pieces from our recent exhibition: Small Tortoiseshell and Rubro Oculo Mancunian Operarius. If you have any comments or feedback, I’d love to hear from you please!!

Olympic Inspired School Sculpture Project

Sometimes it takes a while to get good photos of the finished work!!!! I think these were worth the wait. Thank you Vincent Abbey (photographer of all the completed work)

Tracey Cartledge Artist


Here are the wonderful assemblages that I helped Y5 to create in their teams of 5-6:

Here’s how they look in their place of pride, above the serving hatches in the school hall:



I’m looking forward to working with Y5 next week to create some fantastic Olympic sports figures in a style that will be an homage to Tony Cragg.

Working with the dual themes of ‘the Olympic Games’ and ‘eco’, we have a project here that beautifully fulfils both. Our figures will be assembled from found objects in the Olympic colours, depicting Olympic sporting heroes. As a bonus, children will learn about British sculptor Tony Cragg, research our selected UK Olympians: Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis, Usain Bolt, Rebecca Adlington and Steve Redgrave. They will also have a rare chance to use hammers and glue guns and work on a very large scale.

Just like…

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