School Mosaic Projects

Enthusiastic, multi-talented artist Tracey Cartledge unites school communities with inclusive creative processes, resulting in high quality works of mosaic art and sculpture.

Piecing Together the Picture

Team-building skills, creative learning, school grounds improvement, exploring materials, artistic expression…….all of these valuable benefits and more can be achieved in one exciting, inclusive and instructive school mosaic project.

I  love to share my enthusiasm for the ancient art of mosaic and encourage and support pupils, students and teachers alike to create fantastic works of art that they can be proud of.

“Birds Mosaic”, Higher Openshaw Community School, ‘Safe Routes to School’ Scheme, Manchester, 2005.

The first school mosaic project that I worked on was with artist Pete Hatton at St. Philip’s Primary School in Salford back in 1991. We created a large feature pavement mosaic for a new local recreation space –Islington Park – on behalf of Yorkshire community art company Chrysalis Arts. I was a newly qualified graduate at the time. Working in the school was hugely exciting. It seems incredible now, but we actually had a cement mixer in the classroom. (Health and Safety has improved since then!!) We worked with 5 children at a time and each of them created a section of the mosaic and cast it into a concrete block. It was a wonderful experience and I’ve been hooked on mosaic ever since!

Making and installing “Salford Views”, by Pete Hatton and Tracey Cartledge for Chrysalis Arts, Islington Park, Salford, 1991. B & W photo by Len Grant.

Following the project in Salford, I worked on several more mosaic schemes for Chrysalis Arts in the early nineties including Davyhulme Park, Manchester; RowntreePark, York and a housing development in Skipton, West Yorkshire. Working for Chrysalis was a great introduction both to mosaic as a medium and to the skills of running a project of this type.

“One of the greatest benefits of a school mosaic project is that it unites the whole school with a common creative purpose to achieve a fantastic work of art that everybody can enjoy and be proud of”

 “Green Day Mosaic” designed and produced by pupils, staff and parents at Chorlton C E Primary School with Tracey Cartledge, Manchester, 2010.

This Mosaic won 3rd Prize (£450) in the annual national MegaMosaicMakers competition.


Ravensbury Community Primary School, Mosaic and steel signage, designed and partly made by pupils and parents of the school, Manchester 2018.

In 1991, I established my first studio in Manchester as part of SIGMA (Sculptors in Greater Manchester Association) and since then have worked with schools in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire. I have produced mosaics for public sites (Preston, and Chorley town centres, Old Trafford Library & Community Centre forecourt) and parks all around the North West and I am both a professional member and joint NW Regional co-ordinator of the British Association for Modern Mosaic.

Schools Pack Open Design (30)

My School Mosaic Project Kits were launched in 2008. Tested with schools, these packs have received excellent feedback from both staff and pupils and have been endorsed by major school suppliers, Brian Clegg. When schools have insufficient funds to bring in an artist but do have a member of staff who can manage the project, these kits are the perfect solution. The Teacher’s Pack is a remote mini training course and makes it as easy as possible for staff to run the project, cutting down on research time and eliminating technical concerns such as choice of materials etc. There is a Teacher’s Pack for running a Mosaic Stepping Stones project and also one for a Roman Mosaic Plaques project. The accompanying class packs include re-usable equipment that can be used again the following academic year.

It has been a real pleasure working with Tracey. Her skills, her charm and her dedication have inspired us all. We are so grateful and so proud of what we achieved under her direction. Our large wall mosaic displaying our cherished school emblem now takes pride of place at the main entrance and is lit up when it’s dark for all to see. Our mosaic, carefully created with resilient weatherproof materials will last for years to come. A wonderful project. Thank you.”

Mary Johnson, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School, Knutsford, Cheshire.

 Working with the Mosaic Stepping Stone Project Pack (30) Tracey with Y2 pupils at Templemoor Infants School in Sale, Cheshire.

Every project is totally unique and this ensures that I am continually challenged!

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