The Joy of Leponitt Wheeled Cutters

As most of the mosaic projects I worked on for many years were exclusively for public pavements with heavy foot traffic, I restricted the materials I used to frost resistant ceramic and natural stone or marble.

Glass mosaic is perfectly fine outdoors and is ideal for wall mounted mosaics and murals, but being small and thin, with champhered edges creating a slip plane it is unreliable for coping with freeze-thaw action on the ground over any long stretch of time ……….. The real point here is that it is only relatively recently ( 4 or 5 years ago) that I started working with vitreous glass mosaic.

Installing one of a series of mosaic features in Openshaw, Manchester

Now I know what a Luddite I have been!

Why did I struggle and shatter so many glass mosaics in my efforts to shape them down with nippers when I could have been using Leponitt wheeled cutters all along?!!

Its not that nobody mentioned it, they did. But having had experience of using a cheap inferior wheeled cutter many years ago I frankly dismissed the idea. Now I’m a total convert! I can’t get over how easily this tool breaks the glass mosaics and with such a clean line. Take my word for it, if you’re going to work with glass mosaic it’s well worth getting yourself some. It will save you both time and tiles. So glad that I’ve finally discovered them!!

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