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Thanks for your suggestions, here’s your new product…..

I love to work with community and school groups and lead them through the process of making mosaic for their space and these projects have huge benefits in all sorts of ways as well as the obvious visual results.

However, not all such groups have the funding to bring in an artist to work with them and face the daunting prospect of going it alone on their first mosaic. Fear not, for I have solutions!!

Due to recent conversations, I have added to my range of school mosaic project kits the new Outdoor Wall Mosaic Kit For Groups

The kit has been designed for community groups and schools alike and is suitable for any age group, as long as you have an enthusiastic project leader or teacher to co-ordinate your project.

We’ve won a Prize!! We came 3rd in the Mega Mosaic Makers 2010

and here’s what the judges had to say about our entry(See earlier post for more detail):

The third prize; ‘Green Day’. was made at Chorlton C of E Primary School, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester with artist Tracey Cartledge. ‘Another lovely triptych with a bold simple design, this mosaic has great vibrancy and beautiful colour variation. A wonderful use of the ‘crazy paving technique’ which still manages to hold the detail’.


Today’s Craft Fair and other news

There’s a craft and gift fair after school today at Chorlton C of E Primary School http://www.chorltonce.co.uk/ starting from 2pm. I’m taking some mosaic kits along and I know Cathy will be there with her gorgeous handmade scarves – I’ve already bought a number of them for Christmas gifts – they’re utterly ‘Adornable’ (officially, now.)

Green Day Mosaic

If you were wondering what was going on in the playground at the school yesterday, I’ll explain. We had a problem with one of the mosaic panels on the playground wall. To be honest, I’d worried about the centre panel from the minute the wood arrived. Even though all three panels were cut from the same sheet – it was 18mm external grade ply, if its of interest – just one of them had a very slight bow. I talked to Craig at the timber yard (Chesworths in Urmston) about it and we concluded that after 3 coats of yacht varnish was applied to the reverse, with the weight of the ceramic on the front and with four fixings into the wall, it should be fine….

However, in truth, the panel was clearly held in too much tension and after a couple of months and the impact of a football, the screws sheared and the panel came down! I was reassured, however, by the strength of the mosaic itself – good adhesive and good grouting there, because despite all this movement, practically nothing came away!

So yesterday we removed the other two panels and then re-installed the whole thing using much more serious expanding anchor bolts into the brick. I think we’ve secured it good and proper this time so I just need now to mosaic and re-grout over the gaps!

Horse & Jockey Craft Fair — Saturday 11th

The day started out quite sluggish and stayed quiet for the first couple of hours. I didn’t mind too much because I was enjoying the very good company of Mary, Alex and Fay who had tables immediately around me. It was also lovely to see Sarah, Chris and Cathy who all popped in to have a look and say hello during the day. However things livened up during the afternoon and my fellow crafters and I all made good sales. The variety of goods on offer was great – I came away with jewellery, a fabulous ‘Manchester Pin-Ups’ calendar with Manchester girls in vintage 50s style clothes, make-up and hairstyles and also a beautiful home made Christmas Cake – with cute penguins on the top.

Wonder what I might pick up at today’s craft fair……………………

School Mosaic Project


Chorlton C E Primary School, Manchester


poppy design created in torn tissue paper

The first stage of the project was to create the design and this task was given to Year 6, facilitated by Tracey with help from the Y6 class teacher, Mrs. Beisly.

“Tracey came into our classroom to help us to design the mosaic. We started by brainstorming ideas. We wanted the 3 panels to represent the three stages in our school: foundation, key stage 1 and key stage 2 and link it all to Green Day.” (Sade, Y6)

The children came up with some very interesting and creative ways to represent the theme through nature. For example, life cycles of plants and animals that could be shown developing across the three panels.

“We thought of ideas from nature that could symbolise how we grow and flourish as we move through school.” (Danny Y6)

Once we had a good list of ideas, we started to create images of them, using tissue paper, lolly sticks, buttons and feathers sandwiched between two pieces of clear sticky back plastic” (Ryan Y6)

Whilst the rest of Year 6 continued with individual designs, eight children were selected by the class teacher to work on the overall composition for the mosaic with Tracey. They split into two teams of four and each team came up with their own proposal.

The two design teams returned to the classroom to make a presentation to the rest of the class. Both proposals proved to be very popular and the class found it impossible to choose one or the other. Instead, Tracey suggested that she could take both of them away and try to combine them into one design. Here is the final composition:

The final layout, combining features from both Year 6 design proposals


Each year group joined Tracey in the school hall for a half hour slot as part of the exciting Green Day activities. Tracey, assisted by  Cathy, Lisa and Luke (three parent volunteers), gave each class a brief introduction to mosaics and an inspiring slide show of interesting examples. Then the children had a look at the design created by Year 6 and heard about the themes and ideas involved. Finally, they all had a chance to make a design of their own using an improvised printing technique.

Printing Mosaic Design Ideas


The mosaic was made using the direct method and incorporated an exciting selection of materials: glass smalti and glass mosaics, ceramic tile pieces and old fragments of ceramics salvaged from the days when the school had its own kiln in operation, together with glass beads. Real treasure!

The talented pupils of Chorlton C E Primary School selected their own colours and materials and did all of the work on the mosaic themselves with just a little assistance as needed. Each class sent groups of 8-10 children down at a time to work in the basement workspace, which was ideal.

Staff and parents that assisted with the sessions had the opportunity to take part too and by the end of the project volunteer assistants Cathy Brydges, Lisa Scott and Luke Adamson had all mastered the mosaic techniques involved.


Click on the image to see the full picture

“Have had lots of complimentary comments about the mosaic already; it looks really fabulous! Well done – it has been a great project for the children to be a part of and I am looking forward to working on another next year!!” (Headteacher)

If your school would like any help with a mosaic project, please contact me on 0161 860 0387 (Manchester, UK) or take a look at the available school mosaic kits: http://www.traceycartledge.co.uk/products?tags=school+mosaic+project+kits We also produce bespoke mosaic kits.