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Roman Mosaic Masterclass with Lawrence Payne, £85

Fish out of Water

Fish out of Water

Saturday 1st March 10.00am – 4.00pm

Chorlton Central Church, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester

“Roman Mosaics” masterclass with LAWRENCE PAYNE at Chorlton Central Community Centre, Chorlton, Manchester.

This workshop will cover both figural and geometric mosaics including the principles used in both forms. All the work will be done using pre cut marble and other hard stones from which you will cut shapes with nippers. (All tools provided)

Taken from and example seen in Ravenna, Italy. You can also see this pattern in The Church of The Nativity, Bethlehem.

Taken from and example seen in Ravenna, Italy. You can also see this pattern in The Church of The Nativity, Bethlehem.

The price includes all materials plus a laminated crib card of The Rules and refreshments.

Suitable for complete beginners, intermediates and those with more experience looking for expert guidance in developing their technique to a higher level. Understand the principles of how ancient Roman mosaics were designed and created, get familiar with the ‘Roman Rules’ and have a go yourself in this informative and practical session under Lawrence’s supervision.

You will learn how to speed up and maintain momentum in your approach to mosaic, at whatever level you are currently working. There’s always a lively and friendly atmosphere at these workshops too.



Mark’s Sea Monster – finished!!

Congratulations to Mark, who recently completed this wonderful mosaic, diligently worked on over a number of Thursday evening classes before the summer break. With his trademark patience and precision, Mark has recreated this ancient mosaic sea monster and cared to observe the Roman rule of the borderline device. The original mosaic is a floor fragment in black and white found at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, dated 3rd century AD.

Roman Mosaics Class Pack with 20% discount – Our March Special Offer To Schools

Roman Mosaics Class Pack

Every month the website features a special offer on one of the school mosaic products . This month, its a whopping 20% off the Roman Mosaics Class Pack, which is one of the best bargains we’ve ever offered. Instead of £245 – which is actually amazing value anyway when you cost out what’s included – it is just £196 if you place your school’s order this March. We hope you can take advantage of this very special offer.

Mosaic Workshops for Spring/Summer 2012

The summer programme of mosaic workshops and weekend courses is coming together very nicely and I’m really looking forward to working in such fabulous settings with some great organisations and lots of lovely participants…..

We start in May with our fond favourite, “Mosaic Masterpieces” weekend course at the gorgeous Norton Priory Museum & Gardens. This is the same course that we ran last year so if you missed it then, here’s another chance to join us for a week-end that is both relaxing and stimulating and hugely enjoyable.

Mosaic Masterpieces Weekend, July 2011

Also in May, there will be a one day workshop at Hulme Community Garden Centre where you can make your own mosaic stepping stone for the garden.

Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones being cast

There is a series of mosaic stepping stones in the path leading into HCGC that were made a good many years ago. Our stepping stones will be circular and will be made with frost resistant ceramic tiles, just like the ones in my stepping stone kits. We will be using the new straw bail classroom for the day, which I hear is the only one of its kind in Manchester!!

Vicky's Mosaic Pot, 2011

In June we’re back in the straw bail classroom at HCGC again to design and make mosaic plant pots. Its another one day workshop and the places for both of these days will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants. For the “Potty Mosaics”, you will be provided with a large terracotta plant pot and there will be a good choice of mosaic materials to choose from. Your finished pot will be perfect for the garden and should survive the frost for many years to come!!!

There will be another opportunity to take part in the second “Mosaic Masterpieces” at Norton Priory again on the week-end of 23rd/24th June and then back in Chorlton, South Manchester, there will be an opportunity to make a mosaic garden table over two consecutive Saturdays. The “Mosaic Garden Tables” course has been planned for Saturday 30th June & Saturday 8th July but is currently awaiting confirmation. You can either provide your own table – it must be sanded back and ready to work on – or we can provide one for you. (More details coming soon)

Stained Glass Window at Victoria Baths

The final course for this summer will be at prestigious Victoria Baths, where I will be hosting “Inspired by Our Ancestors”. During this week-end mosaic course in July you will get to see the amazing mosaics that are integral to the building and use these images or references from elsewhere in the building to inform your own mosaic wall panel. Its all sooooooo exciting!!

For details and prices for all the above, please click through to the Workshops, Classes and Courses page. If you’d like a chat first, call me on 0161 860 0387 or e-mail me at info@traceycartledge.co.uk. You can book for most courses and workshops directly via the website.

Answer this question to win a Prize: What’s Stopping You from Making Mosaics?

Do you like mosaics? Have you seen wonderful examples of ancient Roman or modern mosaic works that have really caught your attention? Love the idea of having a go yourself but so far haven’t made the first step?

I’m interested to understand what stops you from having a go. What is most off-putting? Is it fear of failure? Is it not having/making the time? Is it not being sure what you need/where to start?  Is it because you’ve already decided you wouldn’t be able to do it?

Answer my question and I’ll try to persuade you otherwise with a prize!!! Anyone who answers is eligible for a gift: either a mosaic kit or a voucher to attend one of the mosaic classes coming soon…..COME ON!!!

Roman Mosaics Project, Year 3

Roman Mosaics are proving so popular with schools, we ‘re adding new Roman Mosaic School Packs to our range and specials for some of next year’s educational suppliers’ catalogues.

Roman Mosaics Project, Year 3 The Year 3 children of Chorlton Church of England Primary School can tell you all about the Romans. The topic has been one that they've thoroughy enjoyed and now they're all expert mosaic makers too! photo by Sarah McAdam In just two workshop sessions, the whole class had completed their work and it was ready to grout. With help from Tracey and a couple of parent volunteers, each child then had the opportunity to grout their masterpiece themself. … Read More

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New Mosaic Kit Collection

You might be interested to hear that a new collection of mosaic kits is currently in development. The new collection features a set of four wall plaque designs in a new pallette of unglazed porcelain natural colours. They work beautifully as individual mosaics but you can also hang all four together for greater impact and interest, once complete.

Look out for further details coming soon…..