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Happy Teachers, Happy kids! Make Mosaic with our School Mosaic Project Packs

Hi Tracey
We received our first school project pack and having a lovely time! We are really impressed by your materials, organisation and attention to detail.
I am just about to place an order for another4 Mosaic Stepping Stone Class Project (Garden Theme) to give you advanced warning!I have been asked a question about placing the stones so can you tell me if they are slippy to walk on when placed in the ground?Thanks for your help.Nicky Danks
Specialism Project Officer
Ecclesfield School, Sheffield

Mosaic Project Pack for 30. Includes Teacher’s Test-it-First Kit

Hi Nicky,
Its so lovely to receive an e-mail like yours! Thank you very much for your generous comments and I’m delighted that you’ve found the kits so useful. 
With regard to slippage, this shouldn’t be a problem. The materials are exactly the ones that I have used in public pedestrian areas and have so far always been approved by local authority H & S officers. The area of mortar betweenthe ceramic tile pieces in the surface provides friction and so acts as a resist to slipping. The only other potential hazard to consider is tripping, if any pieces have not been properly tamped to create a flush finished surface.
Looking forward to receiving your next order – thanks again.
Kind regards,

Teacher’s Pack

Mosaic is a wonderful medium for any age group to enjoy but its tactile qualities have extra special appeal for youngsters. By including a creative, physical activity as part of a school topic you can bring the subject to life and make it extra memorable for everybody. This must be why so many teachers are asking for advice to deliver mosaic projects to their classes.

“I’d like my class to have a go at mosaic, where do I start? There are so many different grouts…what sort of tiles do we need…can you use glass tiles outside?”

Not all schools can afford to bring in a mosaic artist to help. That’s why I’ve devised these fabulous project packs for schools.

Each pack contains all the essential materials and instructions with extra tips based on my experience of working in schools for 20 years. The kits simplify the process to make sure that everybody has a great time – teacher included. Its bags of fun and very rewarding.

Check out our packages and if you don’t find exactly what you need, get in touch and we’ll make a pack to your own specification.

Colour up Your School Grounds with our Fab School Mosaic Kits

Thank you for all the orders we received this Christmas – it was a busy time for mosaic kits – and thanks too for all the positive feedback. Its good to know that the snow didn’t affect us getting those gifts out on time.

There are exciting events to look forward to in the New Year: January sees the start of the Mosaic evening classes at The Edge in Chorlton, Manchester. Its going to be on Thursdays at 7.15pm until 8.45pm starting next week (6th Jan) and we have 5 places booked so far. So if you’re interested, please get in touch soon.

In March, our new School Mosaic Project Packs will be launched at The Education Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Making Mosaic Stepping Stones with the School Grounds Project Pack

School Mosaic Project


Chorlton C E Primary School, Manchester


poppy design created in torn tissue paper

The first stage of the project was to create the design and this task was given to Year 6, facilitated by Tracey with help from the Y6 class teacher, Mrs. Beisly.

“Tracey came into our classroom to help us to design the mosaic. We started by brainstorming ideas. We wanted the 3 panels to represent the three stages in our school: foundation, key stage 1 and key stage 2 and link it all to Green Day.” (Sade, Y6)

The children came up with some very interesting and creative ways to represent the theme through nature. For example, life cycles of plants and animals that could be shown developing across the three panels.

“We thought of ideas from nature that could symbolise how we grow and flourish as we move through school.” (Danny Y6)

Once we had a good list of ideas, we started to create images of them, using tissue paper, lolly sticks, buttons and feathers sandwiched between two pieces of clear sticky back plastic” (Ryan Y6)

Whilst the rest of Year 6 continued with individual designs, eight children were selected by the class teacher to work on the overall composition for the mosaic with Tracey. They split into two teams of four and each team came up with their own proposal.

The two design teams returned to the classroom to make a presentation to the rest of the class. Both proposals proved to be very popular and the class found it impossible to choose one or the other. Instead, Tracey suggested that she could take both of them away and try to combine them into one design. Here is the final composition:

The final layout, combining features from both Year 6 design proposals


Each year group joined Tracey in the school hall for a half hour slot as part of the exciting Green Day activities. Tracey, assisted by  Cathy, Lisa and Luke (three parent volunteers), gave each class a brief introduction to mosaics and an inspiring slide show of interesting examples. Then the children had a look at the design created by Year 6 and heard about the themes and ideas involved. Finally, they all had a chance to make a design of their own using an improvised printing technique.

Printing Mosaic Design Ideas


The mosaic was made using the direct method and incorporated an exciting selection of materials: glass smalti and glass mosaics, ceramic tile pieces and old fragments of ceramics salvaged from the days when the school had its own kiln in operation, together with glass beads. Real treasure!

The talented pupils of Chorlton C E Primary School selected their own colours and materials and did all of the work on the mosaic themselves with just a little assistance as needed. Each class sent groups of 8-10 children down at a time to work in the basement workspace, which was ideal.

Staff and parents that assisted with the sessions had the opportunity to take part too and by the end of the project volunteer assistants Cathy Brydges, Lisa Scott and Luke Adamson had all mastered the mosaic techniques involved.


Click on the image to see the full picture

“Have had lots of complimentary comments about the mosaic already; it looks really fabulous! Well done – it has been a great project for the children to be a part of and I am looking forward to working on another next year!!” (Headteacher)

If your school would like any help with a mosaic project, please contact me on 0161 860 0387 (Manchester, UK) or take a look at the available school mosaic kits: http://www.traceycartledge.co.uk/products?tags=school+mosaic+project+kits We also produce bespoke mosaic kits.