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The NEW Mosaic Fridge Magnet Kits – crafty little stocking fillers!!

Now available in their newly created packaging, a cute collection of mini mosaic kits that you will love and here’s a quick peep at the first four designs that are now available on my website:

Blue Box Mosac Fridge Magnet Kit

Blue Box

We Love Pink Mosaic Fridge Magnet Kit

We Love Pink

Mums Love Green Mosaic Fride Magnet Kit

Mums Love Green

Little Star

Little Star

As soon as I have some photos, I’ll show you the new packages. They’re adorable!

They will be available from Hobby Island Mosaics from next week and you can also purchase them from The Make It Shop in Chorlton if you live in or are visiting Manchester.

Have a Loverley Jubilly

photo by Matilda Wigley

Let’s raise some SMILES with broken TILES!!!

Sorry, its that time of the week…realised we had nothing planned festivity-wise for this week-end so we’ve taken a last minute stall at the Chorlton Diamond Jubilee event on the village green this Sunday (3rd) where we’re looking forward to drinking JUBILEE lemonade eating delicious and extra special Jubilee Sweet Tooth cupcakes and generally having a great day out – let’s hope the sun shines as promised.

On our stand, Bod will be showing his Fire Bowls so you can get a better idea of their scale and beauty and if you decide to get one on the day, it will be yours for the special price of £170.00 (they’re currently retailing at £230).  I will be running a mosaic craft activity for all ages – a chance to make a JUBILEE mosaic fridge magnet to take home. We’ll also have a selection of mosaic kits, including the funky new fridge magnet kits, and a display of work in progress with information about forthcoming mosaic workshops in the area.

Maybe see you down there?

Roman Mosaics Class Pack with 20% discount – Our March Special Offer To Schools

Roman Mosaics Class Pack

Every month the website features a special offer on one of the school mosaic products . This month, its a whopping 20% off the Roman Mosaics Class Pack, which is one of the best bargains we’ve ever offered. Instead of £245 – which is actually amazing value anyway when you cost out what’s included – it is just £196 if you place your school’s order this March. We hope you can take advantage of this very special offer.

School’s Made to Measure Mosaic Kit

You don’t have to make a round mosaic fit into a square hole………………………………..

Garden Angel Gabby Nickson contacted me  last autumn to request a bespoke mosaic kit for Golden Hill School in Lancashire. They wanted to make mosaic paving flags to fit into an existing paved area, which required made to measure templates and specially tailored instructions and diagrams……

Thanks so much for all your support and advice during the making of the mosaics for Golden Hill School in Leyland.  The kit had everything needed and the instructions were well written and easy to follow.  The children really enjoyed laying the pieces out on the templates and I got involved during the tricky bits, which was nail biting at times but great fun!  I will certainly be recommending the kits to other schools I work with!
Thanks again,

Gabby Nickson

Garden Angel Garden Design Consultancy

Its always great to receive photos of completed projects and hear from happy schools!!!

Come to Chorlton Precinct Mini Christmas Craft Market Next Week!!!

Come and say hello, have a look at some of the lovely mosaics that have been made in my courses and classes and pick up some unique and delightful Hand-made Christmas gifts……….

Conveniently located in Chorlton shopping precinct, the Arts Festival Hub shop is hosting a mini Christmas Craft Market for 12 days leading up to Christmas…………every day there will different local makers selling their wares. I’m there on Tuesday and Wednesday – 13th & 14th DECEMBER – and it would be great to see some friendly faces and have a chat. I’ll have details of upcoming mosaic courses for 2012, items to see and bits and pieces on sale, including kits – of course!!

The Hub opens at 9.30am each morning and closes at 5.30pm each evening.


Bean and Brushed Up!

It has been a busy day for news on this blog (!) but despite that, I couldn’t possibly wait until tomorrow to share some photos of the completed mosaic pavement signage that I’ve created for Bean & Brush Family Art Cafe in Sale.

Welcome to the Bean & Brush

The Bean & Brush Cafe is a new venture by the same team that runs Laser Quest at the Trafford Centre and is set to be a great family destination for creative activity and chilling out on the week-end. It opens next Monday 2nd May.

I put the mosaic in yesterday, surrounded by all sorts of busy people completing all sorts of tasks in preparation for Monday’s launch. It felt like being on the set of one of those DIY programmes – 60 minute make-over?!!!

Congratulations Sophie, hope you enjoy your MakeMosaic sunflower kit!!

Congratulations Sophie! Here's your prize.

A sunflower Mosaic Wall Plaque Kit is on its way to Sophie for correctly identifying the Crown Imperial flower featured in one of our Mosaic Masterpieces from the April week-end course at Norton Priory.

Make Mosaic Kits coming to a gallery near you

We have four new stockists of our MakeMosaic Kits this month: Bohos in Chorlton, Manchester; The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe; Created Gallery in Chesterfield and The Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk.

More arty people in the North West of England can now start to MakeMosaic! Interest has also been expressed by galleries in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the West Midlands. Details coming soon…….!!

One of eight design options in the Wall Plaque Mosaic Kit Collection

Answer this question to win a Prize: What’s Stopping You from Making Mosaics?

Do you like mosaics? Have you seen wonderful examples of ancient Roman or modern mosaic works that have really caught your attention? Love the idea of having a go yourself but so far haven’t made the first step?

I’m interested to understand what stops you from having a go. What is most off-putting? Is it fear of failure? Is it not having/making the time? Is it not being sure what you need/where to start?  Is it because you’ve already decided you wouldn’t be able to do it?

Answer my question and I’ll try to persuade you otherwise with a prize!!! Anyone who answers is eligible for a gift: either a mosaic kit or a voucher to attend one of the mosaic classes coming soon…..COME ON!!!

Suggest Your Own Design!

Over recent months, customers have been making some interesting requests for bespoke kits so that they can make mosaics to reflect their own ideas.

Bespoke kits and packages might be adaptations of the designs in the range, eg. one customer last week purchased a set of 4 refills: spider, ladybird, dragonfly, sunshine but also added a request for a selection of tiles to build these into a rectangular garden mosaic feature. I’ve provided all the material required, together with the construction guidelines to help the customer achieve her vision.

Another customer wanted kits for her three children to make a set of stepping stones for their father’s 50th birthday. The children had ideas so I provided design templates and kits of these: a yacht on the sea; moon and stars; the planets.

If you like our kits but don’t see a design that appeals to you, why not suggest an idea for a new kit or order a bespoke design?