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Tracey’s Mosaic Bistro Table

I’m really pleased with the table that Martin (Luke Lister Blacksmiths) has made for me to create this mosaic ‘bistro’ garden table. Its been a useful exercise. We worked out the design detailing together and now that I’ve made the top using Cinca frost resistant ceramic tiles, we’ve just agreed final modifications to create the perfect fit.

Here’s the top after the design was completed and fixed to the ply surface. I used a somewhat unconventional method, that was the best solution to making the design over a few sessions when pockets of time were available and also factoring in that it had to be displayed as a ‘work in progress’ at the Chorlton Green Fun Day! I’ve made the design using the tiles right side up to begin with but then I used adhesive vinyl to hold it together when it was semi-complete. I then marked the vinyl with ‘colour by numbers’ references and finished making the mosaic upside down. I think we can call that ‘both ways round indirect method’?!!

the ‘prototype’ table in Martin’s workshop today, when we worked out modifications required

If you’d like to join me to make one of your own, the 2 day workshop course runs over two consecutive Saturdays: June 30th + July 7th and the price for both full days, including the galvanised steel table, the ply top and all the materials, adhesive, grout and use of tools etc. is a very reasonable £246.00, inclusive of VAT. You can even book & pay online: http://www.traceycartledge.co.uk/products/160

There are options if you can only make it to one of the days and you’d be happy (supported by my instructions sheet, which is very clear and easy to follow) to complete it at home or if you can make both days but have your own table. For an additional £50 supplement, you can upgrade to a 900mm diameter table but don’t expect to complete this in the 2 Saturdays unless you put in plenty of homework time during the intervening week! (The bistro table is approx. 500mm diam.) Just get in touch with me by phone (0161 860 0387) or e-mail (info@traceycartledge.co.uk) as soon as possible and let me know what you’d like to do and I can make sure we have enough tables for everybody.