Butterfinch Bridge

Butterfinch Bridge (Forge Brook) Decorative Fencing Commission

  • completed Spring 2006
  • budget £10,000.00
  • commissioned jointly by Action Weaver Valley and Cheshire County Council Countryside Management Service
  • supported by Friends of Anderton & MarburyINEOS Enterprises

This commission was to design, manufacture and install new fencing along both sides of ‘Butterfinch Bridge’ on Marbury Lane, which is built over a brook and spans approximately 15 metres, in Northwich Community Woodlands.

In consultation with local community group ‘The Friends of Anderton and Marbury’, I produced a design for forged steel work with cast bronze details. The work was designed to draw attention to the stunning views of the reedbeds and to reflect the associated local wildlife. I worked closely with blacksmith Martin Lister to produce the railings and Castle Fine Art Foundry in Oswestry cast my wax creatures into bronze and assisted me with chemical patinas.

The Butterfinch Bridge project has proved very popular and continues to receive lots of compliments from members of the public.

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