Earlestown Station

Earlestown Station Public Art Project: Feature Fence Panels and Bridge Arch Grilles

  • completed December 1995
  • budget £8,000.00
  • commissioned by Groundwork Trust, St. Helens

Flanking the entrances to both platforms on the station’s Manchester to Holyhead rail route are three special fence panels, designed by local primary school children during workshops that I facilitated.

The panels represent some of the town’s shop windows to welcome passengers and advertise what the town has to offer.

In the arches of the footbridge supports are two tall feature galvanised steel grilles. The imagery here relates to the station’s history, as it was along this stretch of railway lines that Stevenson’s famous Rocket engine was first trialled.

As a finishing touch, I also designed an ‘infill’ panel to be fitted into each of the standard fence panels to complete the run of fencing along the platforms. The multi carriage steam trains in these panels run in the same direction as the real trains for each platform. I liaised with Leeds fencing company Procter Brothers for the fabrication of these panels.

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