Gallery of Work for Sale

Current work for sale is listed below. Please contact me directly by email or by telephone 07793 362043.


The Blues £450.00


Tracey Cartledge_Blues 01_BAMM France

The Blues, cast bronze with patina. Framed diptych, each bronze piece 300mm x 200mm

The Blues

The Blues, detail


The Blues by Tracey Cartledge


Well Crafted £650.00

Well Crafted

Unglazed porcelain on MDF with solid oak frame, 420mm x 360mm


The Girl Who Fought for Education £850.00

The Girl Who Fought for Education, Tracey Cartledge

2000mm x 300mm, marble on board


The Girl Who Fought by Tracey Cartledge


Small Tortoiseshell £200.00

Small Tortoiseshell Mosaic by Tracey Cartledge

400mm x 480mm Ceramic, vitreous glass, stone & smalti with solid oak frame