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Make Mosaic Kits coming to a gallery near you

We have four new stockists of our MakeMosaic Kits this month: Bohos in Chorlton, Manchester; The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe; Created Gallery in Chesterfield and The Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk.

More arty people in the North West of England can now start to MakeMosaic! Interest has also been expressed by galleries in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the West Midlands. Details coming soon…….!!

One of eight design options in the Wall Plaque Mosaic Kit Collection

Spring into action: MakeMosaic Stepping Stones

With the fresh season upon us, you will see our beautiful mosaic stepping stone kits springing up in lots of new places!! Fred Aldous in Manchester city centre is one of our new retailers

Now aboard The Ark!

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and easy to do your Christmas shopping in London, away from the city centre crowds, Stoke Newington has lots to offer and one little gem of a shop is The Ark on Stoke Newington Road.

The Ark is one of our new retailers, stocking both the wall plaque kits and the stepping stone mosaic kits. Joanna Georgiou, the proprietor, has a wonderful selection of contemporary and eco friendly gifts on offer. My children were delighted with the wind up character torches and funky insulated lunch bags that I found for them here. You could easily do all the Christmas shopping in one go at this shop and delight the family with exciting and inspired gifts that they’ll love and treasure…….

Route 73 to London Kids…………..

Casilda Ilia and I are pleased to announce that MakeMosaic mosaic kits are now available at her very exciting shop – Route 73 – on Church Street (Stoke Newington).

Route 73 Kids

Route 73 is packed full of exquisite gifts, toys and crafts for children, targetting those of 8 years and under. Whilst we know that creative spirits of all ages enjoy making mosaics, its never too young to start and great fun for younger children with plenty of adult assistance! The wall plaque mosaic kits require a careful hand and usually suit the slightly older children best whilst the stepping stone kits are great for kids as young as 3 or 4 yrs old to be involved with, providing an adult takes the lead and supervises the activity carefully, paying attention to the safety instructions provided.

When young children make mosaic stepping stones with me, they wear protective gloves.  (There’s a large and a small pair in every stepping stone mosaic kit) As soon as we’ve finished mixing the cement and getting it into the

Its as much fun as making mud pies!

Its as much fun as making mud pies!

mould, the child can enjoy making a pattern of their own with the ceramic pieces directly into the wet mortar. Older children will generally prefer to get the design worked out on the card beforehand and then put it into the mortar with the aid of the magic transfer paper in the kit. The choice is yours!