Fancy a peep at what we’ve been up to on Thursday nights?

Its nearly the week-end. You’ve done a hard day’s work. You get home, make tea and then what? Watch the TV? Do some chores? Check your friends on Facebook? Not if you’ve discovered the Thursday night mosaic class in Chorlton!!

Here’s a sneaky peep at what’s been going on…………………

We're all heart...


Some of us are making ripples......

Others are crunching numbers….


Some of us are total stars

its surprisingly quick to get the hang of……
You won’t feel like a real lemon
However we really ought to warn you


that stylish as it might be

it's utterly addictive!!













All the work shown has been produced at our Thursday evening classes at The Edge in Chorlton. Find out more about the classes on an earlier post.

Keep your eyes open.......

Because mosaic is taking over our world............


6 thoughts on “Fancy a peep at what we’ve been up to on Thursday nights?

  1. Mel

    Wow, this is all very pretty. We’re on the bloGG!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the class the other night – it was a shame work commitments got in the way of the last one as I’d been looking forward to it all day, but it won’t hold me back i’m defo going back!

    jelly tots.
    M x

  2. Lara Johnson

    I justed wanted to say how much I enjoy attending your classes Tracey, they are great fun! Plus I’ve created some lovely work. Thank you. Lara x

    1. makemosaictrace Post author

      Thanks Lara!!! The work that you’ve produced so far has been fabulous. You have a great eye for colour and pattern. I find it so inspiring to see everybody’s work developing week by week. Tracey x


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