Chorlton Mosaic Evening Class – Details

Mosaic Classes with Tracey Cartledge in Manchester
Ceramic mosaic in progress
This is a relaxed group meeting to encourage and inspire each other, supported by the guidance of local artist Tracey Cartledge. Participants will work at their own pace, picking up where they left off each session they attend. Project One is making a fairly simple mosaic design with broken ceramic pieces glued onto board and  then grouted. It will be suitable for hanging on an indoor wall. Follow-on projects can be arranged on an individual basis – if there is a project that you especially want to achieve –  or you can carry on to do the next set project provided. A hand-out with the method used, suppliers details and other useful information is provided to support each project in the course.


3 thoughts on “Chorlton Mosaic Evening Class – Details

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