Suggest Your Own Design!

Over recent months, customers have been making some interesting requests for bespoke kits so that they can make mosaics to reflect their own ideas.

Bespoke kits and packages might be adaptations of the designs in the range, eg. one customer last week purchased a set of 4 refills: spider, ladybird, dragonfly, sunshine but also added a request for a selection of tiles to build these into a rectangular garden mosaic feature. I’ve provided all the material required, together with the construction guidelines to help the customer achieve her vision.

Another customer wanted kits for her three children to make a set of stepping stones for their father’s 50th birthday. The children had ideas so I provided design templates and kits of these: a yacht on the sea; moon and stars; the planets.

If you like our kits but don’t see a design that appeals to you, why not suggest an idea for a new kit or order a bespoke design?

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