Church Leigh Sensory Garden Mosaic Installed

We started by collecting all the sections of the mosaic that were stored in the church meeting room – this is where you can see one of the William Morris stained glass windows, together with the more modern window dedicated to Sheila May Halden. I will have to find out who the artist was, as this window really caught the children’s attention and is referenced in the mosaic by the daffodil in the central area.

Central Stained Glass Window at All Saints Church by Edward Burne Jones

The installation was hard work but very satisfying. We assembled all the sections in a space close by to  check that everything was there and place the pieces in the correct positions. Everything was carefully referenced and the orientation decided.

Bod was on mixing duty and we were surprised by the volume of mortar required to fill the void that had been prepared for us by the landscape contractor, Harry. Altogether we used just under 150kg of mixed mortar to fill the 1800mm diameter circle to a depth of 25mm.

The weather was very kind to us and it was so pleasant to be working in a location with great views and no traffic. One or two passers-by stopped for a look and a chat and all seemed to like the design very much.

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