Colourful Crossing for School Road Safety

Children at St. George’s Primary School in Stockport can now enjoy crossing the staff car park in style and are unlikely to miss the key message:

Safe crossing reminders designed by pupils of St. George's Primary School, Stockport

A mixed age group worked with us to generate ideas and designs to make a colourful crossing between two school buildings that are separated by the staff car park. We explored various concepts and then settled on a theme that all the group contributed artwork towards.

Some of the ideas in development

Then back at the studio, we lovingly created scaled up versions of their artwork in our thermoplastic material. We installed the finished work on Saturday and hoped that the staff and children would be delighted to see it when they arrived for school this week.

We received messages of appreciation from both the headteacher via e-mail: “The markings look really great. Thank you very much” and from the school caretaker via text “Fantastic job, thank you”. Here are a few more images:

Part of the daytime section

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