Roman Mosaics Project, Year 3

The Year 3 children of Chorlton Church of England Primary School can tell you all about the Romans. The topic has been one that they’ve thoroughy enjoyed and now they’re all expert mosaic makers too!

Creating the mosaic design
photo by Sarah McAdam

In just two workshop sessions, the whole class had completed their work and it was ready to grout. With help from Tracey and a couple of parent volunteers, each child then had the opportunity to grout their masterpiece themself.

Fiddly Work, Mosaic!
“Fiddly Work, Mosaic!” (Photo by Sarah McAdam)
Mosaic workshop
“So many colours to choose from!” (Photo by Sarah McAdam)
Mosaic workshop
“It’s all a bit sticky!” (photo by Sarah McAdam)

If your school would like to run a project like this, have a look at some of the mosaic kit packages available, especially designed and produced for schools:

Here are the finished results………….

And a few close ups:

Well done Year Three!!!!

3 thoughts on “Roman Mosaics Project, Year 3

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  2. Amelia Lomas

    Thank you for a fantastic workshop. Every child in the class reproduced their own individual design and the finished tiles look incredible. The children and I are all so proud of what they were able to achieve with your help. Thank you again.
    Mrs Amelia Lomas
    Year 3 teacher

  3. Andrew Ross

    Thank you so much for your work in our school Tracey. The children thoroughly enjoyed making the mosaics and they look fantastic on display.

    I hope that we’ll be able to work together again soon on some ‘bigger’ projects around school.



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