Route 73 to London Kids…………..

Casilda Ilia and I are pleased to announce that MakeMosaic mosaic kits are now available at her very exciting shop – Route 73 – on Church Street (Stoke Newington).

Route 73 Kids

Route 73 is packed full of exquisite gifts, toys and crafts for children, targetting those of 8 years and under. Whilst we know that creative spirits of all ages enjoy making mosaics, its never too young to start and great fun for younger children with plenty of adult assistance! The wall plaque mosaic kits require a careful hand and usually suit the slightly older children best whilst the stepping stone kits are great for kids as young as 3 or 4 yrs old to be involved with, providing an adult takes the lead and supervises the activity carefully, paying attention to the safety instructions provided.

When young children make mosaic stepping stones with me, they wear protective gloves.  (There’s a large and a small pair in every stepping stone mosaic kit) As soon as we’ve finished mixing the cement and getting it into the

Its as much fun as making mud pies!

Its as much fun as making mud pies!

mould, the child can enjoy making a pattern of their own with the ceramic pieces directly into the wet mortar. Older children will generally prefer to get the design worked out on the card beforehand and then put it into the mortar with the aid of the magic transfer paper in the kit. The choice is yours!

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