Beech Road Festival

The next event in the diary is the annual Beech Road Festival in Chorlton, South Manchester on Sunday 5th July. Details coming soon…….

Last year I demonstrated how to make a mosaic stepping stone on the village green and cast the stone as visitors looked on. A friend filmed the demo and you can view it on Youtube:

5 thoughts on “Beech Road Festival

  1. makemosaictrace Post author

    Hi Paul,
    Unfortunately none as yet. The proprietor of The Ark in Stoke Newington expressed an interest and I have sent her a sample but that’s as far as I’ve progressed in finding London outlets. I think my best route is to take a stand at Pulse next year and see how that works.
    Thanks for increasing the traffic on the blog by 100%!!!

    1. makemosaictrace Post author

      News on the London situation: I’m in London w/c 14th September to see one or two interested potential retailers for the kits so there may be some new outlets in the capital in time for Christmas this year! However, you can always rely on the online shop for all your Christmas gift requirements.


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